Non-violent communication is not only a way of communicating, it is a way of living. It holds a power to create peaceful, meaningful and deep connections, where all our needs are fully satisfied. There is no forcing, no judgement, no punishment, only our human needs and feelings. We are remembering how it is to give and receive from our hearts.

Good communication is the key. Sadly our language works in a way that promotes blaming and judging - we forgot how easy it is to relate and co-exist.

Allow yourself to experience the lightness and freedom that NVC offers. Join us today!

Our story

When we first met with Non-Violent Communication our relationship was at the bottom. We were fighting daily and we deeply struggled with understanding each other. To be honest, none of us even understood ourselves so how could have we expected to be understood by someone else.

We were blindly hoping for a miracle that will save the relationship we have been creating for years and we were lucky. When we first came in contact with NVC something clicked in us. It resonated deeply and we immediately put it to use. With its help we solved problems we couldn't understand for months and years, we have become much closer and we have created a magical relationship.

Our partnership now is full of honesty, unwavering trust and lightness. Even when we "fight" nowadays, we are mostly just laughing and working together to find our needs and suitable strategies. It is a whole new world! And you can have a relationship like this as well!

Non-Violent Communication saved our relationship, but not only that. It completely changed the way we perceive the world and interactions with people. All other relationships got better as well. It is hard to believe that something so overlooked like communication holds such a power, but we can not stress enough how life-changing this knowledge is. See for yourself!